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Smart Contracts Audit

Security is one of the most critical factors in the blockchain space. Though blockchains are inherently secure the applications running on them might have vulnerabilities.  Our comprehensive smart contract audit service helps you launch and maintain Ethereum, Polygon(Matics network ), Binance smart chain, and many more blockchain applications securely. We help in avoiding costly errors, perform automatic scans, expert reviews, easy integration, continuous verification and provide detailed analytics reports.    

Comprehensive reviews
Comprehensive reviews At Ginete we provide comprehensive reviews for our clients who are planning to launch their blockchain applications in the near future. We build security into your blockchain code from the start to save time and money in the long run. We provide automated security analysis with easy to understand methodology.
Enterprise-wide security counseling
Enterprise-wide security counseling We thoroughly test the self-executing smart codes for any security threats and provide enterprise-wide security counseling. We also model threats and identify access points for potential hackers. We continuously update the threat models for ever-changing and evolving risks.
Detailed analytical reports
Detailed analytical reports We assess the kind of threats that are possible in your processes. Then, we review the process for any more vulnerabilities and provide you with a detailed analytical report. We provide knowledge will that help grow awareness and create a security focused culture in your organization.

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