Smart Contract Development

Smart Contracts are the most integral part of any blockchain-based business. Smart Contracts are self-executing digital contract to automate processes, transactions and agreements, helping to reduce costs, introducing transparency hence security and end for the very confusing and not reliable paperwork. Smart contracts are automated digital contracts that enable highly-secure and self-executing agreements to be formulated. They solve many issues faced in traditional contracts such as lengthy paperwork, the need for third-party intervention, and huge costs. These are immutable agreement that run on the Blockchain ecosystem, making it impossible to tamper with. Smart Contract Development is followed by Smart Contract Auditing and we have the security experts who leave no stone untouched when it comes to security.

Ginete Technologies is the Smart Contract Development Company with the proven ability to solve most complex business problems, converting the dreams into reality. Up to date with every new technology and innovation in the blockchain world, our team of experts is focused on building an outstanding computer-based protocol.

Customizable for any type of industry, the digital contract doesn’t need a middleman to ensure that all the parties involved are performing their part. Once all the rules and conditions are settled, its base algorithm executes all the conditions and can even revoke itself in case something goes wrong.



Smart Contract Development Services

Smart Contract forms the most integral part in any Blockchain. It has come to known as the backbone of automation in the entire process. We provide the most accurately coded smart contract conditions to you. Our solid Smart Contract Development services will ensure that your Blockchain adheres to the right automation. We are the one of the best Blockchain Development and DApps Development company out in the market. Our engineers understands the concept and can build and efficient Decentralized Applications.
Take a look at the features below:

Tamper Proof and immutable system

Due to the immutable nature of smart contracts, more trust, transparency is gained which leads to high efficiency and reduced cost. Make your business more productive and secure with our customized smart contract development services, making it a decentralized application.

Automated Transactions

Business rules once written in smart contracts are processed automatically without the need of manual intervention. If your organization handles various transactions at the same time on a daily basis, smart contracts can be a good option for bringing a new level of accuracy to your workflow.

Reduced Cost and Risks

Smart Contracts as the name suggests are smart enough to handle the business rules selflessly and since the system is decentralized, it eliminates the risk of fraud and with minimum human intervention reduces processing and conventional contract cost and enhances productivity too.

Some successful areas of smart contract development

Decentralized Finance (DeFi)

Areas related to lending, borrowing and staking money comes under DeFi. More than $1.2 billion has been locked in the DeFi smart contracts as on February March, 2020

Crowdfunding (ICO, IEO)

Business are launching crowdfunding platform on Ethereum Blockchain by using the ERC20, ERC721, ERC777 starndards by creating the smart contracts.

Digital Certificate

Making it easier to validate the details of the certificate, issuance of certificate on Ethereum Blockchain makes it easy to verify the authencity.

Decentralized Gaming

$110 billion worldwide gaming industry is highly effected by decentralization. DApps built on smart contracts ensures scam free system with fast transactions and immutable transactions.

Escrow System

The concept of smart contracts can be used to replace the middlemen and help you save your money with zero risk of the fraud due to smart contracts.

Supply chain

Tracking the supply chain of good starting from the manufacturing unit to the end user consumption by using smart contracts along with adanced data acquisiotin tools.

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